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Reduce your wiring time by up to 55% with our PUSH-IN technology. Terminals equipped with this technology are easy to handle and ensure a safe & secure connection. This guarantees excellent contact safety, even in demanding applications.

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PUSH-IN termination technology: how does it work?

This technology is particularly user-friendly: take a stripped solid or fine-stranded conductor with a crimped ferrule, insert it into the clamping point as far as it will go, and your safe & secure connection is already complete.

Alternatively, when connecting stranded wire, insert the wire while holding down the pusher with a flat-blade screwdriver. As easy as that.

With the PUSH-IN connection technology, the spring sits in a cage and is automatically opened upon connection (pushing in of the ferrule) and only released when a release tool is used.

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Easy installation with full safety. Don’t compromise.

Safe and reliable connections are crucial, especially under harsh conditions, such as those encountered in the process industry, special vehicles and applications with high vibration. PUSH-IN termination technology guarantees optimal contact security and ease of handling, even in demanding applications.

Simple wiring

Tool-less connection. Ferrules and solid wires can be connected simply by PUSH-IN insertion, without any screwdriver. To remove the ferrule, a flat-blade screwdriver is inserted into the pusher.

Fast connection: see the demo in video

Time saving

PUSH-IN connections are made simple by inserting the wire, reducing wiring time by approximately 55% compared to conventional screw terminals. Since the wiring can be done regardless of the skill level of the operators, this also contributes to time saving.

Strong reliability

PUSH-IN connection technology provides a finger-safe structure and vibration & shock resistance. What’s more, the space-saving design means better workability in a smaller space.

  • Stays firmly in place
  • Finger-safe structure

Since the ferrule is held in place by a spring loaded terminal, the wiring remains taut and vibration resistance is improved.

IP20 Finger-safe protection enables wiring to be performed without direct contact between screwdriver and conductive part.

Enhanced control panel switches

The PUSH-IN termination technology on the 22mm control panel switch is proven to save you up to 55% in wiring time. These industrial switches commonly used in the control panel & machine build applications are available from IDEC with PUSH-IN termination technology. This option is available on the YW and HW series, which are your “standard industrial style switches” and the CW series (aesthetic flush mount switch series).

ø22 HW Series Push-in Switches & Pilot Lights

  • Safety enhanced with IP20 finger-safe protection.
  • Self-cleaning rolling action contacts have a raked contact surface.
  • Comprehensive range of switches and operators.
  • EN compliant (EN 60947-1, EN 60947-5-1, TUV approved).
  • IP65 (IEC 60529), UL recognized, CSA certified.
Download the HW series brochure

Flush Silhouette Switches CW Series Push-in Switches & Pilot Lights

  • Sleek and stylish switches and pilot lights with a 2.5mm-thick bezel.
  • Double contact blocks with four-contact configurations.
  • Short body. Double: 59.9mm (maintained 64.6mm). Single 39.9mm (maintained 44.6mm).
  • Finger-safe, IP20 terminal prevents electrical shock.
  • Switching capacity is 120V AC, 10A (resistive load).
  • ø22.3mm mounting hole compliant with IEC 60947-5-1.
  • 3.5mm operator travel for pushbuttons ensures comfortable and reliable operation.
Download the CW series brochure

ø22 YW Series Push-in Switches & Pilot Lights

  • Space-saving, 10 mm wide contact blocks. Removable operator.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Metal bezel, unibody pilot lights, and key selector switches available.
  • Separate contact block makes installation and removal easy.
  • Pilot lights feature a large lens for a wide viewing angle.
  • IP65 (panel front) (IEC 60529).
Download the YW series brochure

More IDEC PUSH-IN terminals for Industrial Controls, Automation and beyond…

Discover a whole range of equipment that, combined with PUSH-IN connection technology, will make your life easier and safer. Emergency-stop switches, relay sockets, timers, PLCs... you will find at IDEC many solutions that meet your industrial expectations.

Relays, sockets and timers

Sockets include multiple features for ease-of-use and can be DIN rail or panel mounted.

You can choose the right timer based on your timing function, time range, contact configuration and socket needs.

Learn more

RU Series relay and timer sockets

2 or 4 pole panel mount sockets for industrial relays and timers.

Learn more

RJ Series relay sockets

Space-saving 1 or 2 pole panel mount sockets for industrial relays.

Learn more

HR6S Series

Safety control modules with diagnostic outputs.

  • Advanced diagnostic and output functions.
  • Connect to various safety input devices.
Learn more

HR5S Series

The first CAT 2 safety control module in the industry.

Learn more

FC6A Series PLC

Powerful and state-of-the-art compact controller with industrial protocols and IIoT features.

Learn more

KW2D Series

RFID Solution for industrial authentication & access control.

  • KW2D RFID Reader.
  • RFID Fobs and tags.
  • IP65/67.
Learn more

HW and YW series Emergency-stop switches

Modular products with essential functions and a wide variety of options.

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