E-stop switches
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IDEC Emergency-stop switches ensure the safety of people and machinery by delivering a consistent response when the system requires an instant shutdown of machine, system or process.
Designed for long life and reliability, you can trust these E-stops, whatever the situation.


Safe Break Technology

Cover all failure modes with IDEC safe break technology… and ensure your operator safety!

IDEC X-series switches use “Safe Break Action,” a unique reverse-energy structure that disconnects normally closed contacts, guaranteeing shut-off even if the emergency switch is damaged or the contact blocks separate.


Conventional E-stop switches are designed with spring pressure on the Normally Closed (NC) contacts, keeping them in the closed position and allowing a machine to operate. But improper installation or excessive force to the button in an emergency may break or dislodge a vital part, causing the spring-loaded contact to stay closed. This situation renders the E-stop incapable of stopping the machine, and can lead to catastrophic events, personal injury and possible loss of life.

IDEC X-series E-stops always default to a safe condition.

They use “Safe Break Action,” which reverses the energy direction and uses spring-pressure to guarantee that the NC contacts will open if the emergency switch is damaged or the contact blocks separate due to excessive force.

Safety is not an option

An Emergency-stop switch is reputed to ensure a machine stops when all other stop systems have failed. It is a complimentary measure that addresses the unforeseen hazard. Its performance on demand should never be in question and yet many E-stops cannot perform their safety function at the critical moment.

Do you know if you are taking that risk?

To make sure you make the right choice, we invite you to view our webinar "Would you trust your E-stop with your life?” and/or download our white paper.


« Would you trust your E-stop with your life? », by our IDEC switch expert, Vivien Rineau.
Watch our webinar to learn more about E-stop failure modes and how to overcome them.

See our webinar


Want to go further?
Find out about IDEC’s latest developments in Emergency-stop switches and safety in this white paper « development of a new Emergency- stop switch to assure an operator’s safety against foreseeable failure »

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A complete range of E-stops and accessories for all your applications

All these products include the safe break technology.

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XA unibody

Ideal for smaller machines. Mount in a 16 mm hole and have shallow depth behind the panel.


Compact product with all the latest advanced features for security


Feature rugged construction. Numerous versions and options available to fulfill all applications.


Offer robust construction with a shallow panel depth.


Add an additional layer of safety with a lockout feature that prevents unauthorized resetting of a latched e-stop.


Ergonomic, smooth and elegant design, ideal for applications requiring cleanliness and prevention of dust.

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All IDEC E-stops meet or exceed International safety standards (ISO 13850 and EN60947-5-5).

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Category NISD and NISD2 ratings allow IDEC X-series and XW Emergency-stop devices to perform a Category 0 or Category 1 stop function as defined in the ANSI/NFPA79, “Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery” and IEC 60204-1. These devices have also been investigated for functionality, fire and electrical shock safety.